Fluent French Speaker and hooked on ballroom dancing!

I was fortunate enough to start out as a Child Star opposite Anthony Quinn and James Coburn in A High Wind in Jamaica, where I was selected out of 2000 hopefuls, see stills photos of the film:

You can view my CV and photographs old and new on this site.

I am  currently working on a ‘Treatment’ about the memoirs of my grandmother who raced the Blue Train down to the French Riviera in a custom built Rolls Royce with the chauffeur sitting in the back seat!  in case of breakdown.  It is a true life story based on actual events, with some poetic license!  The Treatment and the script are now finished and I have even found the original car!  The first page of the Treatment is attached to provide a taste of what is to come.   Contact me if you want to know more....

I am back to full equity status and look forward to any acting opportunities you may wish to discuss.

I know my IMDB fans on ‘Whatever Happened to Deborah Baxter’ will be interested to know that I now have a website.  Let me know what else you would like me to publish!


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